File a third-party claim

File a third-party claim through the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office

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What is a third-party claim?

A “third party” is someone who is identified during the process of a levy. They are not named as a debtor or defendant but may be affected by the levy.

Additional resources

California Code of Civil Procedures
CCP 720.130 and 720.230

SFSD third-party claim forms

Legal self-help at the San Francisco Superior Court

How to file a third-party claim

You may file your third-party claim with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office. Please follow California code exactly to complete your claim. 

Click here to complete and download a third-party claim of ownership or possession

Click here to complete and download a third-party claim of security interest or lien

What happens next?

Please also provide the Sheriff’s Department with your original third-party claim form plus two copies. The Sheriff’s Department will date stamp your claim and serve it to the creditor within five days of receipt. 



Person or business that is owed money


Person or business that owes money to a creditor

Judgment debt

A court-issued judgment that specifies the amount of money a debtor owes to a creditor 


A collection enforcement tool that creditors use to collect on a debt


The right to hold property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that person is resolved

Personal property

Anything you own that can be moved, like vehicles, or other valuable items 

Real property

Anything you own that cannot be moved, like your home, land, or other buildings

Security interest


Court-issued document that begins the transfer of assets

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office cannot provide legal advice. If you have a legal problem, we suggest contacting an attorney. 

CA Business & Professions Code Section 6125
Government Code 24004