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The San Francisco Sheriff's Office is hiring. Visit this page for employment announcements and information.

The hiring process for an entry-level Deputy Sheriff starts with a written exam

Once you successfully pass, you are then invited to participate in the Physical Agility Test or PAT.

The PAT consists of three TIMED performance tests, to be taken on the same day, which are scored on a pass/fail basis.

  • 500 Yard Run- Run two and a half laps within a set course from start to finish.
  • 99 Yard Obstacle Course- Run 99 yards while negotiating sharp turns, stepping over six-inch-high curbs, and vaulting over a 34-inch sawhorse.
  • Body Drag- Lift and drag a 165-pound life-like dummy 32 feet while moving backwards.

*All candidates are given two chances to pass each part of the overall test.