Intake and Release Center

San Francisco’s Intake and Release Center is where the Sheriff’s Office books people after they are arrested. After booking, people are either released or transferred to one of our county jails. The Sheriff's Office does not allow visits to this facility.

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How to get there

Picking someone up after release

While there are no visits to our Intake and Release Center, you may need to travel there to pick someone up after they are released from jail. 

Public transportation 

You can use public transportation, including BART and Muni buses, to get to the Intake and Release Center. 

Finding parking

The Intake and Release Center does not have a public parking lot. You will need to park on the street if you are driving to pick up someone who has been released from jail,

BART schedule

BART runs seven days a week with reduced service on Sundays and holidays. You can buy tickets or Clipper Cards using cash at vending machines located at most BART stations. Select vending machines also accept credit and debit cards.

BART website

Muni bus schedule

Muni runs seven days a week with reduced service on weekends and holidays. To pay your fare, you can use a credit or debit card to buy a Clipper Card or get your ticket through the MuniMobile app. You also can pay cash (exact change is required).

Muni Bus website

Get help

Getting Out & Staying Out: San Francisco Resources for People Leaving Jails and Prisons

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425 - 7th Street
94103 CA
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Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.: (415) 554-7225
All other times, including weekends and holidays: (415) 553-1444