COVID-19 Jail Releases

COVID-19 early jail release data dashboards

The COVID-19 health emergency prompted the San Francisco justice community to review cases of eligible persons sentenced to a term in the county jail for early release. In doing so, the objective is to lower the jail count and reduce the threat of COVID-19 exposure in the jail. 

The courts have approved multiple early releases as stipulated by the District Attorney and Public Defender and continue to review stipulations.

The Sheriff’s Office receives public records requests for information relating to these releases as well as other COVID-19 related jail releases. The Sheriff’s Office released its first dashboard on May 11, 2020. This dashboard tracks multiple data points as they relate to stipulated releases and will be updated periodically. 

Two future dashboards will include data points for pretrial individuals who are released under the Judicial Council’s emergency $0 bail order and data points for those who have been released by order of the Superior Court for the City and County of San Francisco for good cause under the emergency declaration.

COVID-19 stipulated release data dashboard

Click here to access stipulated release data dashboard