Jennifer Collins

Captain Jennifer Collins

Captain Jennifer Collins first joined the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office on Valentine’s Day in 2000.  She was first assigned to the seventh floor of the Hall of Justice (County Jail #4) and worked for a year before attending the San Francisco Police Academy.  After rising through the ranks, she was promoted to captain in April 2023 and is the facility commander at County Jail #2.

Captain Collins previously worked at various assignments, including Investigative Services Unit and San Francisco General Hospital.  She also worked as the executive officer of the chief of the Custody Division.  When she was promoted to lieutenant in 2018, she was assigned to County Jail #2, then became the unit commander of the Internal Affairs Unit for four years, until she was assigned to County Jail #3.

Captain Collins grew up in the East Bay and Stanislaus County.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Social and Criminal Justice from Ashford University in 2018.

She is married with two children and two stepchildren.  In her spare time, she enjoys attending music concerts of various types of music, wine tasting, and spending time with the family and their two adopted dogs. She is also a part of the 30X30 Initiative, which works to recruit more women into law enforcement careers.