Felicia Jamison

Captain Felicia Jamison

Felicia Jamison, who is a native San Franciscan, joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1993. As a Sheriff’s Cadet, she worked at Prisoner Legal Services, City Hall security and the old County Jail #3, located in San Bruno.

In July 1996, she began her career as a deputy on the 6th floor of the Hall of Justice (HOJ). She was assigned to various assignments, including the 6th floor (HOJ), the Intake and Release Center, County Jail #2, and the Classification Unit. 

Captain Jamison promoted in 2008 to Sheriff’s Sergeant and was assigned to the Classification Unit, Intake and Release Center, the 6th floor (HOJ), County Jail #2, in addition to Unit Commander of both the Jail Medical Ward at San Francisco General Hospital and the San Francisco Superior Civil Courts. Captain Jamison attended the CA Post Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute in 2013.

In 2015, she promoted to Sheriff’s Lieutenant and was assigned to the 7th floor facility (HOJ), was the Unit Commander for Court Services and later the Unit Commander for the Central Records and Warrants Unit. She also worked as the Executive Officer of the Chief of Custody.

Captain Jamison is a board member of the Sheriff’s Managers and Supervisors Association (MSA) and has participated in the last two negotiations to ensure fair and equitable work practices for its members.