Survivor restoration program (SRP)

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office Survivor Restoration Program advocates for and supports survivors of domestic and random violence.

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What is the Survivor Restoration Program?

If you are a victim of domestic or random violence, you can get help through the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office Survivor Restoration Program. Your offender must be in San Francisco county jail or in one of our community offender programs. SRP case managers will:

  • Help you create a safety plan
  • Support with medical, financial, legal, housing, employment, and immigration
  • Connect you to the District Attorney’s victim services, criminal justice and city agencies
  • Guide you through the family, criminal, and civil courts
  • Help you recognize warning signs of violence

SRP also has a 12-week survivor empowerment program for survivors of domestic violence who are no longer in crisis and want extended services.

SFSD Survivor Restoration Program
(415) 734-2312
Resolve to Stop the Violence Project
La Casa de las Madres
Adult Crisis Line: (877) 503-1850
Teen Crisis Line: (877) 923-0700
Text Line: (415) 200-3575
Riley Center
24-hour hotline: (415) 255-0165

What is restorative justice?

Restorative justice is an alternative to traditional punishment. Offenders participate in classes and groups to address their violence. Restorative justice classes and groups focus on:

  • Repairing the harm that has been done to a person  
  • Rebuilding and restoring relationships with the community
  • Holding offenders accountable to victims/survivors

People who commit to restorative justice practices learn empathy. They feel concern for others and begin to share their own emotional pain. They understand the impact that violence has had on themselves, their families and the community. They take practical steps to reduce it.

How does the Survivor Restoration Program use restorative justice?

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office Survivor Restoration team collaborates with Resolve to Stop the Violence (RSVP), a restorative justice program at County Jail #2. Using the principals of restorative justice, RSVP’s Survivor Impact speaker series invites survivors who have experienced or have been impacted by violence, to speak to people in the county jail.

Speaker presentations are emotional. Offenders hear the survivor’s experiences and learn how crime can have a lifelong impact on them. They give people in jail insight into how violence affects the victim/survivor as well as their family, friends, and neighbors, the offender’s family, and the entire community.