Apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon

The Sheriff is authorized to issue a license to carry a concealed weapon to qualified San Francisco residents. Due to the recent U.S. Supreme Court's overturning of a New York state law requiring a person to show "proper cause" for a permit to carry a firearm in public, California's "good cause" requirement will be affected.

Sheriff's Legal Counsel is working with the City Attorney's Office to determine the ruling's impact. Currently we are enforcing our licensing requirements which include proof of residency or employment within the City and County of San Francisco, DOJ background checks, firearms safety training, psychological testing, and completion of a firearms qualification course. 

We will continue our commitment to keep our community safe. California commonsense gun laws have helped support our ability to limit concealed carry permits to people who may safely possess firearms. We understand the need to strike a balance between constitutional rights and public safety, but more guns in the community does not mean the community is more safe. 

Please contact SFSO background investigations unit for more information.


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Contact Background Investigations

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Download CA Dept. of Justice CCW instructions & application

*The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office may require additional information to process the application

Download SF Sheriff's Office CCW Policy (UNDER REVISION)