Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP)

If the court sentences you to jail, you may qualify for supervised work out of custody for part of your sentence.

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What is SWAP?

SWAP stands for Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program. You may qualify for early release from jail to work on a supervised crew in San Francisco. Work assignments may include:

  • Sweeping streets
  • Basic landscaping
  • Washing city-owned cars
  • Building and janitorial clean-up
  • Painting, art, and construction
  • Picking up needles 

You can also take classes as part of your SWAP sentence if you don’t have a high school degree.

How do I enroll in SWAP?

  • The courts may refer you to SWAP at your sentencing
  • You must first serve at least 50 percent of your jail sentence 
  • The Sheriff’s Office will decide if your charges qualify you for release to SWAP
  • You are not eligible if you have a stay-away order or a conviction for a disqualified offense 

You must sign up for SWAP at

70 Oak Grove St., San Francisco, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Once you sign up for SWAP, you must report to 70 Oak Grove Street, San Francisco at 7:45 a.m. on your scheduled work days for your SWAP assignment. No one will be accepted after 8 a.m.

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