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By law, the Sheriff’s Office is the only agency in San Francisco that may carry out court-ordered evictions.

With vaccinations high and case rates low, San Francisco and the state of California have removed all capacity limits and physical distancing requirements and nearly all operational requirements on businesses.

Given these circumstances, the Sheriff’s Office has resumed scheduling court-ordered writ enforcement and is adding staff to the Eviction Assistance Unit to address potential COVID-related effects on tenants.

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What is an eviction?

An eviction is a legal process completed by a landlord or property owner to remove a tenant from a property.

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California Courts: Evictions

San Francisco Superior Court
400 McAllister Street, Room 509
San Francisco, CA 94102-4514

Download May 2021 letter update on SFSO eviction enforcement

How do evictions work?

If you are a landlord or property owner and wish to complete an eviction, you must provide the Sheriff’s Office with: 

  • The original writ of possession. This is the court document that is produced after winning an unlawful detainer or eviction lawsuit
  • Five additional copies of the writ of possession
  • A completed San Francisco Sheriff's eviction instruction form signed by the attorney of record. If there is no attorney, the judgment creditor or property manager may sign the form.
  • Eviction fee payment

After you do this, a Sheriff’s deputy will post an eviction notice on your property at least five days before the scheduled eviction date. You and your locksmith must be present at the property address for the eviction to take place.


SFSO civil process fee schedule

San Francisco Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit

San Francisco City Hall
Room 456
1 Dr Carlton B. Goodlett Pl.
San Francisco, CA 94102 

Phone number
(415) 554-7235


Canceling an eviction

To cancel an eviction, you or your representative must either:

  1. Fax a letter requesting the cancelation at (415) 554-7860; OR
  2. Email a scanned letter requesting the cancelation to sfsd.civil@sfgov.org 

You must also

  • Deliver a hard copy of the letter within 48 hours of the eviction to: 
    San Francisco Sheriff’s Office Civil Unit
    San Francisco City Hall
    Room 456
    1 Dr Carlton B. Goodlett Pl.
    San Francisco, CA 94102 

You may not ask the court to postpone an eviction. If the eviction is canceled, you must start over and provide the required documents and payment.

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office cannot provide legal advice. If you have a legal problem, we suggest contacting an attorney. 

CA Business & Professions Code Section 6125
Government Code 24004