Sheriff Miyamoto statement on Supervisor Fewer's proposed ordinance to close County Jail #4 by November 1, 2020

Office of the Sheriff, City and County of San Francisco

For Immediate Release
Contact: Nancy Crowley 415-238-5488

The Sheriff’s Office has a longstanding history of partnering with our legislative leaders to forward progressive reforms and innovative ways to ensure public safety outside of incarceration. However, there are provisions in Supervisor Fewer’s legislation that if enacted, would compromise public safety. The infrastructure does not exist to support the release of serious and violent offenders and arrestees into our community while protecting the victims of crimes and our public safety.  

Furthermore, Supervisor Fewer is proposing to prohibit recommendations our Office has made to relieve the pressure on the criminal justice system that closing County Jail #4 will create.  County Jail #4 will be the third jail since 2010 that will close, eliminating more than 1,000 total beds.  With no replacements planned, this leaves the City unprepared and with no capacity to manage any unforeseen changes in the criminal justice system. 

We cannot legislate bed space away unless we are legislating away criminal acts that require arrests and custody of persons in the interests of public safety. 

Supervisor Fewer’s legislation also blocks capital improvements to our existing jails, which are required for the safe and secure detention of the people in our custody.  As written, the Supervisor’s legislation is not only irresponsible, it is a threat to public safety. However, we remain open and committed to working with Supervisor Fewer’s office on a responsible plan to close County Jail #4 while maintaining public safety.