San Francisco Sheriff's Department -  Disaster Preparedness

A message from the Sheriff Department:

In light of the recent major earthquake in the Napa area and as the 25th anniversary of the October 17, 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake is upon us, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department would like to share some steps you can take to prepare you and your family for the next major disaster.

  • Sign-Up for AlertSF, a text-based notification system that will send alerts regarding emergencies and City-wide post-disaster information to your registered wireless devices and email accounts. Sign-up at:
  • Create a list of contacts for family and friends. Be sure to include contacts who live out of the area as they can be a point-of-contact for family and friends who cannot reach you. Print hard copies of this document as electronic devices may not work following a disaster.
  • Learn more!

  • Take the earthquake preparedness quiz at to test your knowledge. This quiz takes you through a series of scenarios that are not only informative, but fun, too!
    • Download the SFHeroes app for your iPhone or Droid. It’s free, and it’s fun! Earn points and badges as you complete real world tasks. This app provides resources and information to build your emergency preparedness knowledge and allows you to access services and information to help you and your family survive following an emergency.
  • Visit to download a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan guide and Household Emergency Information form.
  • On this page you will find links to resources that will guide you and your family through the steps to prepare for a disaster and survive the days immediately following. There are also instructions for how to respond during and after an earthquake.