About the San Francisco Sheriff's Department

San Francisco Sheriff Department badgeVicki L. Hennessy, Sheriff

Matthew Freeman, Undersheriff


The Sheriff's Department is organized into Divisions and Units to efficiently provide a variety of services:

Custody Operations Division
Paul Miyamoto, Chief Deputy Sheriff

The Custody Operations Division is the Department's largest division. This division is charged with the operations of all 6 of our County Jails, the Hospital Ward, the Classification Unit, and the various Jail Programs. The division strives to maintain a safe and secure jail system and to facilitate an environment in which the various educational and rehabilitation programs can accomplish their mission. These in-custody programs offer a variety of educational, vocational, substance abuse treatment and violence intervention classes. Jail Programs help offenders prepare for re-entry into the community and assists in transitioning sentenced individuals to a community based program setting.


Administration And Programs Division
Kathy Gorwood, Chief Deputy Sheriff

The Administration And Programs Division is charged with operations surrounding the innovative rehabilitation programs offered to criminal offenders in the S.F. Criminal Justice system. The Sheriff’s Department will consider alternatives to incarceration for all individuals sentenced to a term in the county jail. While in custody, inmates are expected to participate in programs. The Sheriff’s Program Coordinators monitor inmate participation while in custody. The Coordinators work together to ensure a continuum of services as the inmate transitions from in custody programs to out of custody programs. The programs consist of educational, vocational, substance abuse treatment and batterers’ intervention classes, as well as a variety of specialized services designed to help ex-offenders successfully re-enter the community following periods of incarceration.

The Administrative Unit conducts operations in support of the entire Department, including the Personnel Unit, Training Unit, Backgrounds and Clearances Unit, Peer Support for employees and their family members and the Department Chaplain services.


Field Operations Division
Albert Waters II, Chief Deputy Sheriff

The Field Operations Division provides a multitude of services to our contract agencies, other divisions within the Sheriff's Department and mutual aid to outside law enforcement agencies. The division is committed to providing the public we serve with the best customer service and protection delivered by dedicated and professional Sheriff's Department employees. The F.S.S.D is comprised of sections and units to include the Civil Section, Court Services Section, Transportation Unit, Emergency Services Unit and Special Response Team, K-9 Unit, Institutional Patrol Unit, Department of Emergency Management Patrol Unit, and City Hall Security Unit