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Apply now for the San Francisco Sheriff's Department 8302 Deputy Sheriff position

What we do:

San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ diverse workforce protects public safety and enforces the law. Duties include:

      1. Supervise currently incarcerated people in San Francisco County Jails

      2. Manage alternatives to incarceration programs and justice-involved individuals outside of jail

      3. Provide law enforcement services at high-profile public locations

What you need to know:

A new San Francisco Deputy Sheriff:

      1. Will earn an annual salary between $74,152 and $94,666 with a chance to earn overtime pay

      2. Will receive excellent health insurance plus dental and vision plans

      3. Will be eligible for a variety of shift schedules (8, 10 and 12-hours) and rotations

      4. Will be eligible for pension benefits

      5. Will have excellent promotional opportunities throughout your career

To be a Deputy Sheriff, you must meet certain qualifications:

      1. You must be at least 20 years old

      2. You must be a U.S. citizen

      3. You must not have a felony or domestic violence conviction

      4. You must not have a misdemeanor conviction that bans you from carrying a firearm

      5. You must have a valid driver’s license

      6. You must have a high school diploma or high school equivalency

      7. You must have worked for at least one year or attended one year at college

What you need to do:

      1. Click here to start and complete your online application

         a. You can use public computers at the Department of Human Resources

      2. Take and pass the reading and writing exam

         a. Prepare for the exam by buying the practice test

      3. Pass the physical ability test

         a. Run 500 yards

         b. Lift and drag 165-pound dummy 32 feet

         c. Complete a 99-yard obstacle course

      4. Complete an oral interview

      5. Watch video scenarios and answer questions

      6. Complete and submit a “personal history” statement with requested documents

      7. Pass a background investigation

      8. Take and pass the psychological examination and polygraph

      9. Take and pass the medical examination

     10. NOTE: We may hire only the most qualified candidates for this position


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